WMF 6-Piece Cookware Set - Premium One

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WMF 6-Piece Cookware Set - Premium One

WMF - Germany's leading tableware brand since 1853 

WMF Six Piece Cookware Set - Premium One

1x Shallow Pot with lid diameter 16 cm (approx. 1.5l)
1x Shallow Pot with lid diameter 20 cm (approx. 2.5l)
1x Pot with lid diameter 16 cm (approx. 2l)
1x Pot with lid diameter 20 cm (approx. 3.3l)
1x Pot with lid diameter 24 cm (approx. 5.6l)
1x Saucepan diameter 16 cm (approx. 1.5l)

The high-grade stainless steel series Premium One not only looks good, but also comes with a range of extremely convenient features – inspiring both budding and seasoned chefs to don their aprons and get hands-on in the kitchen.

Made from easy-care, robust Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 patrially matt finish. Cromargan is resistant to food acids as well as being odourless and tasteless. It is rust-free, dishwasher safe, dimensionally stable, sanitary, long lasting and practically indestructible.

The stainless steel handles are hollow inside and therefore stay cool when cooking, thanks to this patented Cool+ technology. This dispenses with the need for pan holders and is recognisable by the bright red dots on the handles

Lids sit firmly on the pots and allow the controlled release of steam through a vent. Steam vents in the lid mean no more pots rattling on the stove, prevent accumulation of calcium, allow controlled release of steam and prevent boiling water splashing onto the stove.

Measuring marks on the inside of the pots makes measuring of quantities and filling easy.

A special pouring rim enables drip-free pouring.

The patented TransTherm Universal Base, with strong aluminium core, quickly absorbs heat, distributes it evenly and retains it for a long time – saving both time and energy. The temperature can be precisely controlled while cooking, without having to maximise the heat.
The base makes WMF cookware suitable for use on all hob types, including induction.

The pots can be washed in the dishwasher and are stackable for space-saving storage.

Made in Germany - Premium quality, produced in-house in Germany.

Material - Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel pot and lid
Product properties - inside measuring scale, cool+ technology, steam vent in the lid, stackable, transthermal base, induction stove compatible
WMF Cool+ Technology - No more pot holders! WMF has been manufacturing cookware with a unique form of handle technology since 2010. Its name is Cool+ and it effectively reduces heat conduction between the pan and the handle. This means that during cooking the handles do not become hot. Patented technology exclusive to WMF.
Stove type compatabillity - suitable for ceran, gas, electric and induction stoves
Induction stove compatible
Heat resistant up to 200 celcius
Lid type - stainless steel lid
colour - stainless steel
Care - dishwasher safe
Production - premium quality, produced in-house in Germany.
Designer WMF Atelier (Peter Ramminger)
Design Award - iF design award iF Hannover 2011

The WMF Brand has been setting standards with its innovations for more than 160 years. It is also an important source of inspiration within the market. Its products, their exceptional design, perfect functionality and highest quality whet the appetite for wonderful culinary experiences: from preparing and cooking through to dining and drinking – four moments in which the WMF brand sits at the heart of a customer’s life. WMF products make cooking a pleasure. From preparing ingredients using kitchen knives with precise cutting performance and cooking with innovative cookware through to dining with stylish cutlery, decanters and table accessories, products form the WMF brand transform all these moments into something special.

What's in the box:
1x Shallow Pot with lid diameter 16 cm (approx. 1.5l)
1x Shallow Pot with lid diameter 20 cm (approx. 2.5l)
1x Pot with lid diameter 16 cm (approx. 2l)
1x Pot with lid diameter 20 cm (approx. 3.3l)
1x Pot with lid diameter 24 cm (approx. 5.6l)
1x Saucepan with lid diameter 16 cm (approx. 1.5l)