Beurer Sleep Sensor SE 80 Sleepexpert

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 Beurer Sleep Sensor SE 80 SleepExpert



▪ High precision, non-contact sleep monitoring and analysis – validated
  in a sleep laboratory
▪ Innovative networking between smartphone and sleep sensor with Bluetooth®
  low energy technology
▪ Discreet, unnoticeable: placed under the mattress
▪ For measuring, analysing and improving personal sleeping habits
▪ Heart rate and respiratory rate recording and movement display with individual evaluation
▪ Precise sleep phase recording
▪ Includes sleep phase hypnogram
▪ "Sleep score" display: simple evaluation of your sleep
▪ Graphical display (day/week/month)
▪ Functions to detect interruptions in your breathing
▪ Sleep diary
▪ Individual tips for a better sleep
▪ Moon phase display
▪ Fresh Wake function to help you wake up well-rested in the appropriate sleep phase
▪ Use and recording via beurer SleepExpert app for free
▪ Energy-saving Bluetooth® low energy technology
▪ Includes power unit
▪ Beurer german | engineering
▪ 3-year warranty


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