Kellermann Gents Set Black 6335 MC N - Demo
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Kellermann Gents Set Black 6335 MC N - Demo

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Kellermann Gents Set Black 6335 MC N - Demo

- Razor
- Replacement blades (5 pcs.)
- Nose hair scissors
- Small fingernail clippers - clipping and trimming fingernails
- Large toenail clippers - clipping and trimming toenails
- Travel tooth brush
- Hair comb
- Plucking tweezers - Removing or plucking hair
- Nail scissors - Cutting or trimming finger and toenails
- Shoehorn
- Sapphire nail file - Filing fingernails
- Nail and cuticle stick - Pushing back the cuticle and cleaning fingernails
- Nickel plated
- A Microfiber Cleaning Cloth has been included in your manicure and pedicure set
- For good maintenance and prolonged life of the implements, we recommend cleaning with the provided cloth as well as re-oiling scissors and nippers from time to time, and keeping them dry

*This is an unused Demo Unit


What's in the box
1 x Razor
1 x Replacement blades (5 pcs.)
1 x Nose hair scissors
1 x Small fingernail clippers
1 x Large toenail clippers
1 x Travel tooth brush
1 x Hair comb
1 x Plucking tweezers
1 x Nail scissors
1 x Shoehorn
1 x Sapphire nail file
1 x Nail and cuticle stick