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Personal Care Combo - Economy



Consists of 1x Beurer Digital Fever Thermometer FT 09/1 White & 1x viraSHADE m-frame - Premium Face Shield.

1x - Beurer Digital Fever Thermometer FT 09/1 - White

▪ Digital fever thermometer

▪ Large Display

▪ 3-digit display

▪ Without glass, no mercury

▪ Waterproof

▪ Disinfectable

▪ Measurement accuracy ± 0.1°C

▪ (between 35.5 and 42°C)

▪ Measurement accuracy ± 0.2°C

▪ (between 32 35.4°C and 42.1 42.9°C)

▪ Audible signal when measuring stops

▪ 1 memory space

▪ Automatic switch-off function

▪ Protective cover for storage

▪ Medical product

▪ Battery changing indicator

▪ Incl. 1 x 1,55V battery LR41

▪ Beurer German | engineering

▪ 5-year warranty     


1x - viraSHADE m-frame - Premium Face Shield

With room for all mask sizes, also in combination with glasses.

viraShade® m-frame is a flat-packed face shield, designed to protect against direct splashes or droplets that may contain viruses, bacteria, blood, other body fluids or certain chemicals. It is unfolded in seconds by pulling the elastic headband. Hereby the m-frame is formed, giving the shield its outstanding structural strength, while it is still flexible, and will adjust to any head size and shape, ensuring a perfect fit for all. This makes the viraShade® m-frame stand out, as the smallest and most comfortable face shield in class.


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