Venta Hygiene Additive

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The Venta Hygiene Additive performs two main functions: It changes (1) the water hardness to minimize incrustations by limescale. Mere sediment can simply be washed every 10–14 days. It supports (2) the evaporation process, making water drip off the plastic and thus preventing a complete wetting of the plate stack.

The Venta Hygiene Additive is a balanced combination of innovative active ingredients in an aqueous solution that ensures excellent cold evaporation performance and optimal hygienic operation of the Venta Airwasher for an extended period.

The Hygiene Additive radically reduces the water surface tension. As a result, the disk stack rotating in the water in the Venta Airwasher receives a better water coat, which allows for cold evaporation. The inducted particles or aerosols are moistened and collected in the water in the device. House dust, animal hair, plant pollen, and also annoying tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odours are removed – almost washed – from the room air. Special attention was given to non-volatile properties in the selection of active substances so that nothing other than evaporated water is released into the atmosphere. The effective period of 10-14 days would not be possible any other way.

Depending on the hardness of the local water, are various salts are present in tap water. These accumulate through the evaporation process in the water in the device and would rapidly give rise to calcium salt deposits in the device without the use of the Hygiene Additive. Through a targeted and purely physical modification of the "lime" crystal growth, a very fine crystalline sediment is formed which can be removed by simply rinsing with tap water.



1 dosage unit of Hygiene Additive (amount depends on the type of device) is added to the container of the Venta Airwasher. Depending on the chosen fan speed and the relative humidity, water evaporates from the device. The evaporated water should be replenished daily with tap water. Depending on the amount of dust particles, pollen, etc. in the inducted air, the active ingredients will last for about for about 10 – 14 days. The used Hygiene Additive and soft limestone sediments are removed by simply rinsing with tap water.