The Beurer Insect Bite Healer BR 60

In summer, annoying mosquitoes, horseflies or wasps are unloved guests when swimming, braaing, sleeping or just being outdoors in the fresh air.

The bites and stings of these insects can cause itching, inflammation and swelling. The new Beurer Insect bite healer BR 60 can alleviate the symptoms in just a few seconds and speed up the healing process.

To use the device, place the heated surface of the BR 60 directly on the bite. The targeted application of heat to the affected area can help with itching, swelling and inflammation. The user can choose between two programmes with different heat durations: One programme is for when using the product for the first time and for those with sensitive skin, while the second is recommended for when using the product regularly. The targeted application of heat suppresses the itching and speeds up the healing process. The device does not use any chemicals, meaning pregnant women can also use the insect bite healer without hesitation.