Knives, Cutting & Grating

WMF Knife Block Beech Wood - Knifes SPITZENK 6 Piece

R 8,499R 14,999

Rösle 3 Piece Wood Handle Chef's Knife Set

R 1,499R 4,299

Sansibar Braai Carving Set 2 pieces

R 969R 1,299

Roesle Mezzalune Chopper & Bamboo Board

R 1,689R 2,259

Rösle Set of Scissors - 3 Pieces

R 1,999R 2,649

Roesle Herb Knife 11cm

R 999R 1,449

Roesle 4 Piece Steak Knives

R 1,399R 1,899

Roesle Cheese Mill

R 1,129R 1,499

Roesle Household Scissors with Micro-serration - 19cm

R 699R 939

Roesle Herb Scissors with Herb Strip Function - 16cm

R 659R 879

Roesle Adjustable Vegetable Slicer V-Slicer

R 889R 1,049

Roesle Cheese Slicer - 24cm

R 849R 1,129

Rösle Carving Knife and Fork Set

R 1,999R 2,599

Roesle Cheese Knife - 28cm

R 699R 939

Roesle Medium Grating Inset for Cheese Mill

R 439R 579

Rösle Universal Scissors 23 cm

R 849R 1,129

Rösle Carving Knife and Fork Set 18/10 Stainless Steel

R 1,429R 1,899

Rösle 3 Piece Chef's Knife Set

R 1,399R 1,849

Blomus Navetta Stainless Steel Polished Cheese Grater

R 839R 1,399

WMF Ranch Steak Knife & Fork Set

R 519R 1,149