Blomus Cast Iron Bowl ONO - Large

R 1,499R 1,999

Blomus Meda Metal-Fluid, white

R 399R 549

Blomus Tabletop Gel Firepit Ø 18 Cm Fuoco

R 1,969R 2,629

Blomus Two Tier Tray Set Diola

R 3,429R 4,579

Blomus Butter Dish For 250 Gr Butter Basic

R 799R 1,249

Blomus Condiment Glass Basic

R 369R 499

Blomus Creamer Small Stainless Steel Matt Basic

R 429R 579

Blomus Corkscrew with Foil Cutter Leverman Pro

R 939R 1,249

Blomus Mirror Round Rose Vision - 30cm

R 429R 699

Blomus Mirror Round Smoke Vision - 20cm

R 319R 429

Blomus Garden Torch with Wooden Pole 65022 PALOS

R 1,269R 1,689

Blomus Garden Torch Polished Stainless Steel 65093 PALOS

R 1,269R 1,689

Blomus Water Carafe Aldoa - 0,9 L

R 849R 1,129

Blomus Scented Candle - Firewood S

R 339R 449

Blomus Ara Tray & Soap Dish - Anthracite

R 379R 699

Blomus Vanity Mirror Round Matt Nickel Plated VISTA

R 1,179R 1,569

Blomus Ara Soap Dispenser - Moon-Grey

R 739R 1,149

Blomus Ara Storage Box - Moon-Grey

R 429R 979

Blomus Torch Base Concrete 65428 MONTO Small

R 659R 879

Blomus Candlestick With Candle, 20 Cm Lumo

R 639R 849

Blomus Ara Tray & Soap Dish - Moon-Grey

R 379R 699

Blomus Torch Base Concrete 65442 MONTO Large

R 699R 1,189

Blomus Candlestick With Candle, 25 cm Lumo

R 749R 999

Blomus Ara Toothbrush Mug - Moon-Grey

R 379R 699