As children shape their own worlds with LEGO® bricks, we play our part in having a positive impact on the world they live in today and will inherit in the future. We are the masters of reinvention. The first brick we made over 60 years ago is as culturally relevant today as it always was (and still fits too!). And that’s because it is only ever one half of the toy. The other half is the child. LEGO® play offers the chance of constant discovery – the possibility of creating something new every time.

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We care deeply for our people who are part of making LEGO® play experiences possible and are committed to upholding human rights and ensuring safe, healthy and respectful workplaces for our employees. We strive to champion responsible business principles across the company.

We know that play is vital to every child’s development. When children play, they learn to solve problems, to be creative, and to become resilient. It helps them thrive in a complex and challenging world.

We want to play our part in helping build a sustainable future and make a positive impact on society and the planet, which children will inherit. We believe we have a responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and aim for zero environmental impact on the planet.

Building partnerships with customers, suppliers and intellectual property partners based on mutual value creation are fundamental to the LEGO Group as we seek to meet the challenges and complexity of today’s world.


When children play they can build valuable life skills while having fun. Learning through play enables children to solve problems creatively, boosting confidence and resilience.