Dining Accessories

Blomus Napkin Holder Stainless Steel Matt Scudo

R 899R 1,099

Blomus Napkin Rings Nickel Fino - Set of 6 (Black)

R 1,099R 1,349

Blomus Napkin Rings Matt Nickel Fino - Set of 6

R 1,099R 1,349

Vagnbys Mangrove Candlestick Silver 23cm

R 949R 1,299

Vagnbys Mangrove Candlestick Silver 18cm

R 749R 1,049

Vagnbys Mr and Mrs Swan Candlestick Set

R 1,299R 1,879

Vagnbys Mr Swan Candlestick Silver 30cm

R 799R 1,099

Vagnbys Mrs Swan Candlestick Silver 27cm

R 699R 949

Blomus LARETO Coaster Set Black - 6 Piece

R 999R 1,299

Blomus Candlestick With Candle, 25 cm Lumo

R 799R 999

Blomus Candlestick With Candle, 30,5 Cm Lumo

R 879R 1,099

Blomus Candlestick With Candle, 20 Cm Lumo

R 679R 849

Blomus Snack Bowl M Basic

R 599R 729

Blomus Snack Bowl Small Basic

R 449R 579

Blomus Meda Metal-Fluid, white

R 519R 649

WMF Cooling Base with Three Cooling Rings

R 899R 1,999

Leonardo Olive Container: Green Ceramic with Transparent Glass Lid Glass

R 329R 399

Leonardo Glass Tumbler & Glass Straw Set - Limited Edition - Set of 6

R 569R 959

Leonardo Glass Tumbler and Silicone Lid Limito - Set of 2

R 369R 459

Leonardo Serving Set for Dips or Snacks: Wood Tray & 3 Glass Bowls Cucina

R 849R 1,029

Blomus WIRES Stainless Steel Bottle Carrier - 6 Bottles

R 949R 1,199

Blomus LARETO Coaster Set Moonbeam - 6 Piece

R 999R 1,279

Blomus LARETO Coaster Set Nomad Beige - 6 Piece

R 999R 1,279

Blomus LARETO Coaster Set Sharkskin - 6 Piece

R 999R 1,279