Bar Accessories

Blomus Set 4 Ice Cubes Polished Stainless Steel

R 599R 749

Blomus Corkscrew with Foil Cutter Leverman Pro

R 1,099R 1,399

Blomus PILARE Wine Rack for 9 Bottles - Matt Black Steel

R 1,699R 2,149

Leonardo Keg Base and Beer Mugs 380ml Colorata - 3 Piece Set

R 599R 849

Vagnbys Champagne Saber

R 1,799R 2,399

WMF Cooling Base with Three Cooling Rings

R 899R 1,999

Vagnbys Shark Bottle Cap Opener Stainless Steel

R 339R 449

Leonardo Glass Snack Dispenser with Stainless Steel Lid Spiritii

R 449R 549

Vagnbys Wine Aerator & Decanter Tower - Table Tower

R 1,799R 2,499

Vagnbys Square Foil Cutter - Foil Cutter III

R 169R 229

Vagnbys Corkscrew

R 379R 499

Vagnbys Champagne Stopper

R 429R 579

Vagnbys 7-in-1 Wine Pourer - Wine Decantiere

R 479R 629

Blomus Double-Walled Bottle Cooler Stainless Steel Easy

R 999R 1,279

Vagnbys 7-in-1 Wine Aerator and Wine Stopper

R 699R 949

Leonardo Glass Mixing Jug with Spoon Spiritii

R 729R 879

Vagnbys Wine Stopper

R 379R 499

Vagnbys Corkscrew with Bottle Opener & Foil Cutter

R 479R 629

Vagnbys Deluxe Foil Cutter - Foil Cutter II

R 319R 419

Vagnbys Foil Cutter Black

R 249R 329

Vagnbys Wings Corkscrew

R 579R 759

Vagnbys Champagne Cork Twister

R 349R 459

Vagnbys Champagne Pourer

R 429R 579

Vagnbys Champagne Set - Twister & Pourer & Stopper

R 799R 1,099