Let us tell you a little bit about us

Who We Are

We are a family-owned business and a team of dedicated people who want to offer customers reputable brands and great service via our trusted online store. We understand the pains of online shopping and are here to make the entire shopping experience easy and fun.  

Our Story

It started with us shopping online like so many people do nowadays. However, we found that customer service was lacking. That personal touch was not there.


Further more, we found ourselves being asked, by family and friends, about what products and brands they should be using. And so yourLife.Shop was born. An online store that has a goal to offer and recommend products and brands that WE use in our own homes, and to offer these brands based on quality and integrity.


We all know that we would never recommend products to family and friends that are not up to our expectations and thus this is where we come in. Our products are tried and tested by us, in our own homes. We ensure that they are of the quality we want in our homes.


When choosing a product or brand, we look further than just the products, we look at the people that represent the product and the values of what that brand represents. We look past whether there are more expensive options, we only look at reputable brands that represent and deliver trust, and quality products.


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Our Mission

We strive to deliver the best possible customer service while ensuring that the brands and products that we stock live up to expectation.


We go all-out to ensure that we handle ourselves with trust and integrity while guaranteeing the quality of the products that we sell.  We will always go the extra mile for our customer and make every effort to bring a smile to every customer’s face.


We believe this is not only our mission but duty to go above and beyond for our customers and ensure that they are satisfied and happy.   

Our Offering

While the category range that we offer is very broad, these are some that we focus on: Health & Wellness, Beauty, Home & Décor (also including Kitchen, Garden & Patio, Bathroom, etc.), Baby, Toys, Gifting & Travel, Office Stationery & Equipment, Fashion(handbags, purses, wallets, belts, keyrings and accessories), Home & Office Appliances, Activity & Bicycle Accessories.   

Recommended Products

Under “Our Favorites” you will find products that we recommend, from either our own personal experiences, or from our customers and historical performance data.


Products found with a “Best Value” icon are ones that we feel offer the best-value-for-money. In order to ensure that the product is in fact best-value-for-money we follow a strict rubric. This is to guarantee peace-of-mind that the right model has been selected with the consideration of: functionality, quality, warranty and cost.


You will also find products with the “Top Products” icon – these are really our best-in-class selection, and while the initial investment is often higher, these are excellent products that would be appreciated by the discerning (quality and feature hungry) customers.

Going Forward

We keep looking for new and trusted brands to add to our website, and slowly but surely we are securing new partners and listing their products.   

Delivery Options

We prefer to under-promise and over-deliver, and we are constantly trying to improve logistics – this is what we currently offer:

Same Day Express

2-3 hours within 30km of our offices in Honeydew, Johannesburg (Weekdays Only).

Next Day Delivery

Needs to be requested via email and can be arranged, also within 30km of our offices in Honeydew, Johannesburg. (Weekdays Only).

Standard Delivery

2-3 work days via our trusted courier partners – Nationwide.

Lead Time Delivery

There is either a 3-5 or 5-7 work day lead time via courier – Nationwide (for stock that needs to be collected from our local partners before delivering on to you).

Contact Us

Our offices and warehouse are situated in Honeydew (Johannesburg), and hopefully one day soon we’ll have a similar set-up in Cape Town. Collection from our warehouse is available on request. Please get in touch with us on (011) 782 4503 or send us your thoughts on email info@yourlife.shop