Beurer Nebuliser IH 21
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Beurer Compressed Air Nebuliser IH 21

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  • Brand: Beurer
  • Barcode: 4211125601126

Beurer Compressed Air Nebuliser IH 21


The nebuliser with compressed-air technology is used to treat respiratory diseases. 
Treatment is pleasant due to the short inhalation time.
- Mouthpiece
- Nose cap
- Adult mask
- Children's mask
- Atomiser with extra-long compressed air hose
- 10 filters
Suitable for:
- The treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
- Nebulisation of liquid medicine using compressed air technology
- Use in colds, asthma, respiratory disease
- High proportion of respirable particles
- Short inhalation time
- Colour: White/Blue
- 0.8 - 1.45 bar operating pressure
- Dimensions: 30cm x 18cm x 10cm
- Warranty: 5 Years

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