Beurer Pureo Deep Clear Facial Brush FC 65

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Beurer Pureo Deep Clear Facial Brush FC 65


Feeling beautiful means feeling good. The Beurer FaceCare range meets all your personal grooming and well-being requirements. A healthy, pure and even complexion will really make your smile shine!

Our skin is the reflection of our soul! A smooth, even complexion not only looks clear and nourished, it also gives you a confident appearance. At one time, these results could only be achieved in a beauty salon, but now, thanks to the Beurer FaceCare range, you can recreate them easily at home. Pamper your skin with a 3-step facial cleansing and care programme: Clean your skin with a facial brush and remove excess skin particles with a revitalising exfoliation using our microdermabrasion devices. This also promotes blood circulation and stimulates cell renewal. With our facial sauna, you can then provide your skin with the moisture it needs. You can ensure perfect results using our cosmetic mirrors!

Our facial brush range is aimed at women of all ages and is suitable for different skin types and care routines. Our electrical facial brushes are much more thorough than manual cleansing. It is gentle and thorough so your skin will be noticeably softer and your face will be glowing. Replacement sets with the appropriate brush attachments are available for all of our facial brushes.

Beurer Pureo Deep Clear Facial Brush FC 65
- Gentle and thorough cleansing for a noticeably soft and radiant complexion
- 2 function levels: vibrating and pulsating
- Blue LED light to combat skin impurities

• 2 function levels:
- Vibration for especially gentle cleaning
- Pulsation for thorough cleaning to gain a soft, smooth complexion
• Water-resistant (IPX 7) – can be used in the shower and bath
• 3 speed settings
• The blue LED light reduces skin impurities fast*
• Effective in the first 24 hours
• Battery indicator – lithium-ion battery
• Incl. soft brush attachment
• Incl. 1-minute timer (3 x 20 sec.) for precise application adapted to the skin zones
• Battery-powered – 30 min. battery life
• Charger – 6 hours charge time
▪ Beurer - German | engineering
▪ 3-year warranty

*The treatment reduces impurities fast. Bacteria react with the blue light (415 nm) and are destroyed; the clogged pores can be supplied with sufficient oxygen once again.

Recommended tp replacement brush attachement every 4 months (with daily use). Available as stand alone product.


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