SKS Cellphone Holder and Charger for Bicycles COMPIT and +COM/UNIT: COMPIT+

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SKS Cellphone Holder and Wireless Charger COMPIT and +COM/UNIT: COMPIT+
Handlebar Mounted Cellphone Holder and CHarger for Bicycles

The COMPIT+ system consists of:
COMPIT smartphone holder and
+COM/UNIT: Qi-certified power bank charger with integrated NFC (NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION) chip.

Every mobile device equipped with a wireless charging function can be connected to the Qi-certified +COM/UNIT and charged on the go – at any angle and within use.
Smartphones that do not have a Qi charging function can be charged using an optional USB cable.
Fits handlebars with a diameter of 22,2mm or 25,4mm or 31,8 mm
Attach with a twist via the oversized bayonet mount.
The +COM/UNIT is mounted on the COMPIT. The inclined positioning makes it possible to place the +COM/UNIT in the required position on the COMPIT.
The +COM/UNIT can be charged using the USB cable that is included in delivery

The COMPIT smartphone handlebar mounting system and the +COM/UNIT require the use of an SKS COMPIT SMARTPHONE COVER or the COMPIT UNIVERSAL COVER ADAPTOR (Sold separately).
Please purchase the correct COMPIT cover for your cell phone (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei)
Or use the COMPIT Universal Cover Adapter to mount your phone on any hard smartphone cover of your choice.
The +COM/UNIT cannot be used without the COMPIT (item code 11533) and an SKS COMPIT SMARTPHONE COVER/COMPIT UNIVERSAL COVER ADAPTOR

COMPIT accessories offer more power, more security, more comfort.
The one of a kind, easy to use COMPIT unites multiple functions into one central, compact system.
COMPIT components which can be purchased separately include:
COMPIT: handlebar mounted smartphone holder (Item code 11533).
+COM/UNIT: Qi-certified power bank for inductive smartphone charging with integrated NFC chip. (Item code 11537). Phone can be charged wirelessly or via USB cable.
COMPIT +: COMPIT smartphone holder plus the +COM/UNIT (Item code 11534).
COMPIT smartphone cases/covers for iPhone (item codes 11538/11539/11540/11633/11644); Samsung (item codes 11576/7/8 and 11632) and Huawei (item code 11579).
COMPIT Universal Cover Adapter: For any hard smartphone cover (allows your smartphone to be attached to the COMPIT smartphone handlebar mount) (item code 11541).
COM/CAM: Action CAM Adapter for attaching a camera to COMPIT smartphone holders (Item code 11545).
COMPIT extra-short cables: For charging phones connected to the +COM/UNIT (power bank) on the go - Lightning/iPhone (item code 11542) / Micro USB (item code 11543) or Type C USB (item code 11544).
COM/ADD: Adapter for mounting various components such as a light. Also suitable for E-Bikes with a Bosch Intuvia/Nyon display (Item code 11555).
COM/LIGHT: For attaching a light to a COMPIT smartphone holder (item code 11582).
SKS COMPIT Board Computer Cable BOSCH for use with COMPIT E-bike smartphone holders (item code 11547).
SKS COMPIT RUBBER INSERTS: for use with COMPIT smartphone holder (item code 11546).

All road: Suitable for trekking, travel, cross and fitness bikes
Road: Suitable for racing bikes
Mountain: Suitable for mountain bikes
5-year limited warranty
battery capacity: 5000 mAh
Qi – Wireless transmission power: 5W
USB – Output: DC 5V/2A
USB – Input: DC 5V/2A
NFC – Chip: NTAG 216, 924 Byte
weatherproof: IP54
item code: 11534
material: plastic
colour: black
As a leading manufacturer of bike accessories, SKS have been ensuring that wheels roll for almost 100 years, breathing life into their slogan, Ride on! Day after day SKS picks up speed and keeps on the road to success without detours. Internal design and product development teams create innovative solutions and fresh ideas. Product tests are run on punishing in-house testing machines as well as through a variety of true riding conditions with test riders. Products are put through their paces to assure the best quality and function. The “Made in Germany” label reflects the high demands placed in quality, function and design. High quality mini pumps, frame pumps, suspension pumps and floor pumps compliment the cult product; the Rennkompressor. Pumps are characterized by comfortable features, smooth pumping performance and robust materials. SKS GERMANY has a global reputation for its innovative mudguards for all wheel and frame sizes.

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