Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot All-in-One Vacuum & Mop Cleaner


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Key Features

• Powerful Vacuum & Mop Cleaning.
• Auto-Empty Station with 2.5L disposable dust bag that holds up to 30 cleaning days of debris
• OZMO™ mopping technology
• 3200 m(A)h battery
• Laser mapping of your home


Ecovacs Deebot OZMO N8 Pro+ Robotic All-in-One Cleaner With Auto-Empty Station


DEEBOT N8 is equipped with brand new TrueMapping dToF LiDAR laser mapping technology which can map your home with 4X the accuracy, 2X the distance.
Delivers enhanced and powerful 2300pa suction cleaning and is paired with the powerful 27 000Pa 1000W Auto-Empty Station charging dust bin.
Unlimited Virtual Boundaries, Area Mode, Custom Mode, Scheduled Cleaning.


1. After cleaning is completed, the Auto-Empty Station can automatically empty Deebot’s internal dust bin so that users don’t need to worry about checking if the internal dustbin is full of dust.

2. Effectively isolate dust, hair and allergens, and carefully guard the safety of users.

3. The disposable dust bag can effectively isolate allergens as small as 0.3 micrometres, thrown away once a month if used every day, clean and zero dirt user experience.

4. Users can set it to manual dust collection (collecting from the Deebot’s internal bin) or automatic dust collection (automatically transferring the collected dirt and debris to the Auto-Empty Station) according to the household area, ground dirt and personal cleaning needs.


• Navigation Type: TrueMapping dToF LiDAR Laser Mapping & Smart Navi 3.0
• Cleaning Mode: Auto, Area, Custom
• Vacuum Components: Main Brush
• Carpet Detection: Yes
• Vacuum Power Adjustment: Yes (Auto & Manual)
• Dust Bin Capacity (ml): 420
• Dust Bin Detection: Yes
• Floating Main Brush: Yes

• Type of Water Reservoir: OZMO
• Water Level Adjustment: Yes
• Reservoir Capacity (ml): 240ml

• Map Generated by App: Yes
• Firmware OTA Updates: Yes
• Voice Report: Yes
• Time Scheduling: Yes
• Continuous Cleaning: Yes
• Advanced Map Function: Yes

• Size of Robot (Diameter x H, mm): 353 x 93.6
• Noise Value (dBA ): 67/70/83
• Battery Specifications (Type, mAh): Li-ion 3200mAH
• Working Time (min): 110min (Normal) 105min (Carpet)
• Charging Time (H): 4
• Rated Power of Robot (W): 40
• Working Voltage of Robot (V): 14.4
• Model No. of Charging Dock: CH1918 (Auto Empty Station – White)

Please note the following accessories are available but sold separately:
- Disposable Dust Bag for the Auto-Empty Station (Pack of 3),
- Buddy Kit containing 1 Main Brush, 4 Side Brush, 3 Filter (Sponge + HEPA Filter with holder),
- Disposable Microfiber Mopping Pad 10PCS,
- Disposable Microfiber Mopping Pad 25PCS,

With over 20 years of design and industry-leading research, taking pride in technological creativity, ECOVACS is recognized and beloved by 20 million households worldwide.

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