PearlCo - Water Filter Jug- Family Size with LED + 3 Unimax Cartridges- 4Ltr - White

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PearlCo - Water Filter Jug- Family Size with LED + 3 Unimax Cartridges- 4Ltr - White

PearlCo Family-size water filter jug.
Especially high total jug capacity of 4 Litres.
Filtered water reservoir capacity 2 Litres.
Includes 3 UNIMAX water filter cartridges compatible with other filter brands, including Brita Maxtra.
With LED filter exchange reminder

PearlCo - Simply Fresh. PearlCo filters reduce heavy metals (such as lead and copper), chlorine and limescale. They provide great tasting, pure water for tea, coffee, cordials and food prep. Filtration ensures a longer service life for coffee machines, water heaters, irons, and similar devices. Using a filter jug is eco-friendly as you avoid plastic waste and disposal of plastic bottles into the environment.

Water Filter Jug Specifications:
Made of high-quality, sturdy, scratch-resistant BPA-free plastic.
Secure construction thanks to its non-slip base material.
Dishwasher safe (without lid)
Filter exchange reminder: LED sensor reminder with a built-in motion sensor indicates the status of the filter every time the jug is lifted. A blue LED light indicates a properly working filter. If the LED lights up in red, the filter should be replaced.
Limited 24-month warranty.

PearlCo UNIMAX Filter Cartridge Specifications:
PearlCo UNIMAX Filter Cartridges have 5 filtration levels to ensure you get only the purest water.
A filtering mesh stops sediment and suspension in the water.
Activated carbon reduces chlorine and organic compounds.
Ion exchange resin removes heavy metals and captures compounds responsible for limescale, resulting in softer water without cloudy sediments.
Filter capacity per UNIMAX filter of up to 200 litres of drinking water depending on water hardness.
Replace cartridges every 30 days to maintain efficiency and hygiene of filtration.
The filter components are manufactured in Europe.
Steam sterilised and sterile packed.
ISO-certified production with exacting specifications for the highest quality and safety.
PearlCo UNIMAX cartridges will fit most other water filter jug brands including Aldi and Brita Maxtra.
Limited 6-month warranty on filter cartridges.
Why not take a look at PearlCo’s colourful range of water filter jugs and water filter bottles. Water filter bottles are great for use on the run, at the gym, at school or at home. PearlCo’s water filter cartridges include magnesium, alkaline and hard water cartridges, in Classic or Ultramax shape - designed to be compatible with almost all water filter jug brands.

Item Code: 7969 PearlCo Family Unimax LED 4 Litre Water Filter Jug with 3 cartridges - White
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What's in the box
1 x 4 Litre Family LED Water Filter Jug
3 x PearlCo UNIMAX Water Filter Cartridges

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