Mostra Di Cafe Forza #3 Coffee Beans 1kg - Box of 6

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Key Features

• Taste: Powerfully bitter but still round & smooth
• Aroma: Full bodied & intense
• Coffee Origin: A selection of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Latin America & Africa
• Intensity: 10/10


Mostra Di Cafe Forza #3 Coffee Beans 1kg - Box of 6

A selection of medium to dark roasted South American coffee beans mixed with dark roasted African coffee beans. A coffee blend of superb quality, designed to offer an underlined but absolutely enjoyable coffee taste, accompanied by rich golden dark crema and intense aroma. On over all a smooth & tamed African coffee sensation. This coffee bean blend will take you places since it is designed for the coffee drinker who likes balanced coffees but also…a bit of a kick in his cup. Extremely popular amongst restauranteurs & coffee shops in South Africa!

Master blender’s notes:

Forza 3, had to be a coffee blend that even when dramatically diluted by milk (think of Cappuccino) the essence of coffee would still come through underlined and glorious – therefore – this coffee’s foundation had to be an African coffee.

The primary coffee used in this blend comes from an area close to Sipi falls and on the western slopes of Mt. Elgon – Uganda. (Growing Altitude: 1300 to 2200 meters / Variety: Arabica Typica / Milling Process: Fully washed).

Next to such presence, the 2nd coffee had to be equipped with elements of brightness and acidity. The answer was found within the Sidama region – Ethiopia (Growing Altitude: 1700 to 2200 meters / Variety: Arabica Kurume / Milling Process: Washed).

The 3rd coffee had to be a Brazilian one – the coffee that would bring balance to the existing mix, by introducing smoothness & sweetness (Growing Altitude: 800 to 1350 meters / Variety: Arabica Catuai / Milling Process: Dry).

The final coffee needed by Forza 3 blend had to contribute some sort of complexity to the end result – we at Mostra call it “the feeling of mystery” – and the answer for that ended up being situated by the volcanic slopes of Antigua region within Guatemala (Growing Altitude: 1600 to 1700 meters / Variety: Arabica Caturra / Milling Process: Wet).

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