Pearlco Filter Cartridges Classic Brita® Compatible - Pack of 3

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Water filter cartridges for PearlCo Classic or Brita® Classic 
Proven and perfected in every deail to efficiently purify water.

5 filtration levels the guarantee of efficiency

1: The upper cap of the filter captures mechanical impurities. Its design ensures proper circulation of water while being filtraded. 

2: Filtering mesh stops sediment and suspension such as foam, grease and rust that appear in water. 

3: Activated carbon reduces chlorine and organic compounds that may appear in tap water, removing unpleasant smell as well as improving taste

4: Ion exchange resin removes heavy metals  out of water, helps capturing compounds responsible for limescale. As a result, water is softened and cloudy sediments do not occur

5: The lower cover with microporous structure carries out mechanical filtrations again, in order to ensure the highest quality of water.  


Cartridges steam sterilized and packaged sterile.


Capacity per cartridge: 100 liters minimum, up to 150 liters*

Capacity per package: (3 cartridges):      300 liters minimum, up to 450 liters*

 *at low water hardness

Replace classic cartridges every 30 days on order to maintain efficiency and hygiene of filtration.


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