Sanitas Manicure Pedicure Set SMA 50
Sanitas Manicure Pedicure Set SMA 50
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Sanitas Manicure Pedicure Set SMA 50

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  • Brand: Sanitas
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Sanitas Manicure Pedicure Set SMA 50


The SMA 50 manicure device with gearbox is suitable for even professional manicure/pedicure studios. The infinitely adjustable speed, clockwise an anticlockwise rotation and 6 included high-quality attachments make the device a truly universal unit for nail and foot care.

Professional manicure/pedicure set - Including 6 professional attachments - Infinitely adjustable

Manicure/pedicure set for professional nail and foot care
- Including 6 professional attachments
- Sapphire cone: removes callus and weals
- Felt cone: smoothing and polishing the edge of the nail
- Sapphire disk, fine: filing and treatment of the nails
- Cylindrical milling cutter: grinding of lignified foot nail surfaces
- Flame milling cutter: removing ingrowing nails
- Sapphire milling cutter round: removing corns
- Speed: 2100-6100 rpm +- 12%
- Infinitely adjustable
- Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation
- With altislip handle surface
- Main power 230V - 50 Hz
- Pouch included

Sanitas - a successful German brand in the wellness and health market since 2000.

What's in the box
1 Manicure / pedicure set with 6 attachments