Beurer Manicure / Pedicure Replacement Set of 9 Attachments for MP 62


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Beurer Manicure / Pedicure Replacement Set of 9 Attachments for MP 62


For use with the Beurer MP 62 Manicure/pedicure set
For professional nail and foot care
For well-cared hands and feet
Attachments suitable for diabetics
Includes 9 attachments, 30 single use sandpaper attachments and a protective cap for nail dust.

Consists of 9 high-quality sapphire and felt attachments:
- Sapphire cone: removing dry skin and softening calluses on the sole and heel
- Sapphire cone, long and coarse: Fast removal of thick or large calluses on the soles and heels. This attachment is intended for large areas
- Fine-Grain Sapphire Wheel: filing nails to reduce length
- Coarse-Grain Sapphire Wheel: filing thicker nails to reduce length
- Sapphire cutter, round: carefully removing corns
- Nail cutter: Exposing ingrown nails and cutting dead nail parts
- Flame-Shape Cutter: for ingrown nails
- Cylindrical Cutter: smoothing rough and ridged toenail surfaces
- Felt Cone: smoothing and buffing nail tips after filing and for cleaning the surface of the nails
- Includes 30 single-use attachments made of sandpaper
- Includes protective cap for nail dust

3-year limited warranty
Item no.: 572.14
Images of the MP 62 mani/pedi device are for illustrative purposes only.
For use with MP 62 item code 57035 (sold separately)

What's in the box
1x Sapphire cone
1x Sapphire cone. long and coarse
1x Sapphire wheel, fine
1x Sapphire wheel, course
1x Sapphire cutter, round
1x Nail cutter
1x Flame-shape milling cutter
1x Cylindrical milling cutter
1x Felt cone
30x Sandpaper attachments
1x Protective cap for nail dust

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