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Thomas Aqua+ Pet and Family Vacuum Cleaner with AQUA+ TECHNOLOGY

You have high requirements in cleanliness. We have the technology.
The professional in animal hair and stain removal. More dirt from carpets and upholstery, from wood and stone floors, laminate and parquet flooring and even from ambient air. With the unique AQUA+ TECHNOLOGY you don't only vacuum; you wipe, spray and purify the air simultaneously. You also dry all smooth surfaces in one simple step and remove stains deep-down in carpets and upholstery.
And all that without dust bags. With only one litre of tap water, the unique and very effective water filter system odourlessly binds animal hair, fine house dust, mites and dirt particles in the AQUA+ filter, and prevents dust reaching into the exhaust air during vacuum cleaning.

Why a special vacuum cleaner for pet hair? If you live with pets, you will know: Cat hair, finely distributed on the couch cover, paw prints from your dog right on the carpet. Dogs, cats and small pets cause lots of additional work when cleaning the house.
Vacuum cleaners with a bag system will need to be changed frequently in these circumstances. The Aqua+ Pet & Family is equipped with special animal hair nozzles and additionally has a spray pressure system for moist cleaning, makes it much easier to remove deep-seated dirt and animal hair. The water filter system of the AQUA+ PET & FAMILY also ensures that pet hair and dirt particles are bound in the filter system – for considerable improvement of the room air quality. Pet hair and dirt particles are easily disposed of with the dirty water.

Dry vacuuming with AQUA+ filter system or hygiene box with dust bag
HEPA 13 filter, washable
Special spray pressure system
1600-Watt max.
3-stage suction power with ECO-control
Automatic cable winding
11 m work radius
2 parking positions
Accessories on board
24 month warranty
Made in Germany

Pet hair carpet nozzle, switchable
Turbo brush
Upholstery nozzle 190 mm large
Crevice nozzle, extra-long 360 mm
Spray extraction carpet nozzle with flap adapter for hard floors
Spray extraction upholstery nozzle
Dust bag XXL

Voltage: 230 Volt
Fusing: 16 amp
Motor power watt IEC/max.: 1400 / 1600
Number of blower levels: 1
Max. depression: 280 mbar
Special spray pressure system
Container volume approx.: 1,8 l
Fresh water tank capacity: 1,8 l
Water intake during spray extraction drive approx.: 1,8 l
Cable length: 8 m
Work radius: 11 m
Number of wheels: 2 large wheels, 2 easy drive castor

Tube-/hose system basic accessories: 32 mm
Vacuuming hose with comfort hand-grip and outer spray hose
Telescopic stainless-steel tube
Stageless electronic suction power regulation
Two parking positions
Automatic cable winding
Accessories on board
Soft touch keys
Carrying handle

THOMAS ProTex for carpeted floors: 250 ml

AQUA+ filter system
Special hygiene filter, washable
Micro-exhaust air filter
XXL-Dust bag: 6 l

Length: 486 / 550 mm
Width: 318 / 288 mm
Height: 306 / 480 mm
Weight: 8,2 kg / 13,7 kg

Item Code: 788-568
Thomas Aqua+ Pet and Family (Thomas Pet & Family International)

What's in the box

Thomas Aqua+ Pet and Family Vacuum Cleaner with:
Turbo brush
Upholstery nozzle 190mm large
Crevice nozzle, extra-long 360mm
Spray extraction carpet nozzle with flap adapter for hard floors
Spray extraction upholstery nozzle
Dust bag XXL

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