Thomas Quick Stick Family - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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Thomas Quick Stick Family - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
• This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner goes just about anywhere.
• Quick and easy to use and handle.
• Accu hand-held vacuum cleaners are relatively light, and quickly and flexibly ready for use, even if there is no plug connection nearby.
• With 2500 mAh. The powerful Lithium-Ion battery guarantees enough working time for those in between vacuums.
• Effortlessly reaches those awkward spots and even the smallest gap in the sofa; removing dust, animal hair and crumbs.
• Cordless vacuum cleaning allows easy cleaning of stairs, cars or upholstered furniture.
• Thanks to its light weight, even ceilings can be quickly and easily cleared of dust. The long crevice nozzle is ideal for this.
• Effortless emptying of the dust box with just one click, and without making contact with the dust.
• Easy filter change
• Easily removable brush: With just one click, the brush can be removed, and lint and hair can be cleaned off
• 3 in 1 combi nozzle: The 3 in 1 combi nozzle can be used to vacuum upholstery and furniture in no time, as the interchangeable nozzle is always at hand. Thanks to the long crevice nozzles, corners and hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned.

Powerful 2500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
Turbo brush with 180-degree swivel joint for maximum mobility on all floors
Easily removable brush for cleaning
Easy battery charge with LED charging indicator
Easy dust removal
Easy filter change
Wall mounting
3-in-1 combi-nozzle for cleaning in between gaps, furniture and upholstery

Voltage: 18 V
Motor power: 150 W
Battery running time: 20 Minutes +
Dust indicator volume: 0,65 l
Volume: less than 82 db (A)

Cyclone effect
Coarse dirt sieve
Exhaust filter

Length: 740 mm / 1120 mm
Width: 230 mm / 310 mm
Height: 115 mm / 310 mm
Weight: 21, kg / 4,0 kg
Item code: 785-301
Quick Stick Family

What's in the box

Thomas Quick Stick Family Vacuum Cleaner with:
1x Turbo brush
1x 3-in-1 combination nozzle

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