Thomas Quick Stick Turbo Plus - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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Thomas Quick Stick Turbo Plus - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

• Quick vacuuming in between: The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner goes just about anywhere. It effortlessly removes dust, animal hair and crumbs from under cupboards, in living rooms and in the kitchen. Bathroom floors are also clean in no time.
• It effortlessly removes dust, animal hair and crumbs with its electric turbo upholstery nozzle and electric turbo floor nozzle, with LED light and 180-degree swivel.
• Mobility on all floors ensures easy vacuuming, even under cupboards.
• In just a few simple steps, the device can be converted for versatile and easy cleaning of stairs, cars or upholstered furniture.
• An electric turbo upholstery nozzle, a 2 in 1 combination nozzle for furniture and upholstery cleaning as well as an extra-long, flexible crevice nozzle form part of the standard accessories
• Easily removable microfiber roller: Easy handling, even when cleaning the electric turbo floor brush. With just one click, the microfiber roller can be removed, and lint and hair can be cleaned off
• Electric turbo upholstery nozzle: Remove crumbs, dirt and animal hair from furniture and upholstery quickly and thoroughly thanks to the electrically driven turbo upholstery nozzle of the QUICK STICK TURBO PLUS.
• 2-in-1 combi nozzle: The 2 in 1 combi nozzle can be used to vacuum upholstery and furniture in no time, as the interchangeable nozzle is always at hand.
• Thanks to its light weight, even ceilings can be quickly and easily cleared of dust. The QUICKSTICK TURBO PLUS comes up with an extra-long and flexible crevice nozzle that easily reaches and thoroughly cleans even high ceilings, corners and hard-to-reach areas.
• Effortless emptying of the dust box. The container of the cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner can be emptied quickly and easily with just one click without contact with the dust.
• Easy battery change: Click out, change the battery and continue to vacuum comfortably. Without annoying tripping hazards.
• LED battery charge indicator
• Practical wall bracket: Thanks to the practical wall bracket with accessory holder and integrated charging station, the THOMAS QUICK STICK TURBO PLUS is always at hand and ready for use. For quick vacuuming in between.
• Easy filter change: The washable hygiene filter can be removed and changed quickly and easily.

2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner (vertical + manual)
LED light on turbo floor nozzle with 180° swivel
Boost button "Max" for absorbent removal of stubborn cases
Lock button for convenient vacuum cleaning
Easy battery charge with LED charge indicator
Battery working time: Thirty minutes
Easy emptying of the dust box
Practical wall mounting bracket
2-in-1 combination nozzle for upholstery and furniture cleaning
Electric turbo floor nozzle with LED light and 180-degree swivel joint, for more mobility on all floors
Warranty: 2 years

Electric turbo upholstery nozzle
2 in 1 combination nozzle for furniture and upholstery cleaning
Extra-long, flexible crevice nozzle

Technical specifications:
Powerful 2500 mAh Li-ion power battery
Voltage: 21.6 V
350 W digital motor
2 Speeds
Noise level: 88 dB (A)
Type of dust container: Cyclone
Dust tank capacity: 0,50 Litre
Dimensions: 27 x 112 x 21 cm
Shipping Dimensions: 30 x 113 x 25 cm
Item Weight 2.24 kg
Shipping weight: 4.8 Kg
Colour: Blue
Material: Plastic
Item Code: 785 304
Thomas Quickstick Turbo Plus

What's in the box

Thomas Quick Stick Turbo Plus Vacuum Cleaner with
1x Electric Turbo Floor Nozzle
1x 2-in-1 Combined Electric Turbo Upholstery Nozzle or Furniture Nozzle
1x Extra-long, flexible crevice nozzle

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