TIPP-KICK CLASSIC Soccer Game: Mini Players, Goals, Ball, Pitch 79x48cm


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TIPP-KICK CLASSIC Soccer Game: Mini Players, Goals, Ball, Pitch 79x48cm


TIPP-KICK Classic Soccer Game Set A great entry-level set into the TIPP-KICK world. Compact, quick to set up, and playable on just about any level surface it is a great way to get excited on match day. The original since 1924.


How to play:
TIPP-KICK Two-player soccer game using metal miniatures. Players each have 1 kicker and 1 goalie and use a 12-sided black and white "ball" to determine possession. Each player selects a colour. The colour on top of the ball determines which player shoots next. Each kicker has a moveable leg that kicks the ball at the press of a button. The other player uses their goalkeeper, which can move left and right, to prevent their opponents from shooting a goal. After the kick, the ball is rolled, possession is decided, and the game continues! One game lasts 2 x 5 minutes. Players change sides and ball colour at half- time. Contents: 2 hand-painted kickers (yellow, red) made of metal with the classic round foot 2 ‘Toni’ goalkeepers (yellow/red), which dive to the left and right at the push of a button 2 plastic goals 2 black/white TIPP-KICK balls Rollable pitch made of felt measuring 78.5 x 47.5 cm (from line to line: 70.5 cm x 44 cm) 1 rulebook Item code: TK010006 TIPP-KICK CLASSIC set (no border) Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Choking hazard. Small parts. Recommended for players 5 years and older. NB: Look out for TIPP-KICK soccer game sets and accessories, available online. TIPP-KICK soccer game sets available as follows: - CLASSIC set (with no border) - JUNIOR CUP set with interlocking border to prevent the ball from leaving the “pitch” - The ultimate CUP set includes Top-Kickers, Star-Goalkeepers, mesh nets and an interlocking border.


Accessories include:
Extra balls, Match timer with score board and sound chip module, National anthem with flag sound chips, Floodlights, Extra goal sets (plastic and mesh), Kickers, Star-Kickers (with anthem sound chip, ball and penalty goal), Top-Kickers, Goalies, Star-Keeper and the XXL-foam Blite-Ball for indoor and outdoor play. TIPP-KICK is a modern classic game that has been manufactured in a small family business since 1924. No machines are used. Over 20 million zinc figurines with the distinctive red button on the head have been assembled manually - cast, mounted, and hand painted. Each figurine is completely unique and may therefore differ slightly from each other. More than 7 million games have been sold. TIPP-KICK fulfils all required safety regulations as well as optional industry standards. The best evidence of TIP-KICK’S high safety standards is that children are playing safely with long-lasting products for years. Please note that any images reflecting items not described here are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately. The primary/first image is reflective of the number, colour and item being sold.

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