Vagnbys Wine Aerator - Wine Decantiere 5 in 1

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Vagnbys Wine Aerator - Wine Decantiere 5 in 1

VAGNBYS Award Winning Danish Design

VAGNBYS Wine Aerator and Pourer 5 in 1
VAGNBYS Wine Aerator with 5 Features in 1 Pourer
An easy to use tool for wine lovers.
Decants and aerates the wine instantly as you pour from the bottle.
A built-in filter protects against lees, cork residues and other impurities.
Perfect for both red and white wines, young and old.
VAGNBYS award winning Danish design.

The VAGNBYS 5 in 1 Wine Pourer boasts features which any wine lover will enjoy:
1) Enhances the taste: Brings out the wine's flavour and improves the finish.
2) Easy pouring: Works optimally, thanks to the built-in dual-functional pipes, regardless of how you pour.
3) Instant aeration: An air mixing chamber inside the pourer oxidizes the wine when pouring. The built-in mesh ensures that wine and air mix properly during serving. To start this process, the 7-built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by 8 small vents positioned at the grid edge.
4) Built-in filter: The built-in mesh ensures that lees, cork residues and other impurities are kept back when pouring, ensuring optimal enjoyment of the wine. The pourer is simply cleaned under running water. No use of dish soap or dishwasher.
5) No-drip edge: No matter which way you turn the bottle, the double pouring edges ensure there is no dripping.

Made of stainless steel, black plastic outer
Easy to clean under the tap.
Item: 450025 - Wine Decantiere 5 in 1

What's in the box
1x VAGNBYS 5-in-1 Wine Aerator

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