PearlCo Water Filter Astra LED Unimax - Orange

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PearlCo Water Filter Astra LED Unimax - Orange

PearlCo Astra Unimax 3L Water filter incl 1 cartridge compatible with Brita Maxtra
Universal filtering jug which combines attractive design and convenient use. Its modern design fits to the décor of every kitchen. Available in a variety of colours.

PearlCo Germany - simply fresh.
Tap water can be as good as bottled water. Thanks to PearlCo water filter you will improve the taste of drinking waters and your meals that you prepare with it. Discover the true taste of water, undisturbed by pollution. PearlCo filters remove effectively anything that interferes with its flavor, like heavy metals (lead, copper, chlorine or limescale, and lets you enjoy the pure taste of water.

- Total capacity - 3 L
- Filtered water - 1.5 L
- Stylish and space saving design
- Fits most fridge doors
- Always visible filter exchange reminder ensures best quality of filtered water
- Smart filling lid
- Filter exchange reminders: Calendar reminder

5 filtration levels - the guarantee of efficiency
-The upper cap of the filter captures mechanical impurities. Its design ensures proper circulation of water while being filtrated.
-Filtering mesh stops sediment and suspension such as foam, grease and rust that appear in water.
- Activated carbon reduces chlorine and organic compounds that may appear in tap water, removing unpleasant smell as well as improving taste
- Ion exchange resin removes heavy metals out of water, helps capturing compounds responsible for limescale. As a result, water is softened and cloudy sediments do not occur
- The lower cover with microporous structure carries out mechanical filtrations again, in order to ensure the highest quality of water.

Replace classic cartridges every 30 days on order to maintain efficiency and hygiene of filtration.

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