Your Wellbeing Super Synapse - Study Aid, Memory & Brain Support

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Your Wellbeing Super Synapse - Study Aid, Memory & Brain Support

Super Synapse is a blend of PQQ and Vinpocetine. This blend is focused on increasing learning ability, memory, alertness and reduce anxiety. It may assist in protecting neurons from damage and reversing some neuron damage. It is a brain booster and neuroprotectant. It's known for enhancing cognition, improving memory, and even improving mood, and acts as a neuroprotective antioxidant. It enhances cerebral blood flow and exhibits brain-supporting effects. It may enhance mental clarity, reducing or eliminating brain fog, and increasing the speed of learning.

per capsule
(30 vegetarian capsules per bottle)
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) 20mg
Vinpocetine 15mg

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We source pharmaceutical grade raw materials from trusted suppliers all over the world to ensure the consistency, potency and quality of our supplements. Nutraceuticals are researched to be the most effective individually or in combination. Optimal therapeutic doses are established for both supplemental and therapeutic assistance.

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